Hello everyone, My name is Yazmeen, I am a licensed Natural Hair consultant and the founder of La Co'coa LLC.  Through a short Q & A questionnaire, I will answer the most frequently asked questions about me.

Where are you from?

I am a former New York City native.

Where did the name La Co’coa come from? What does it mean?
What is your company’s mission?

The name La Co’coa pronounced La-Co-Ka comes from a feel good place where limits and boundaries do not exist. The (La) derives from my love of the Latin culture and (Co’coa) represents my love for all things
chocolate. La Co’coa is the name of the company as well as a concept
that means “freedom to be one’s self.” My mission is to educate, encourage, and empower women to love themselves from head to toe. La Co'coa also strives to help women build a foundation that is center on self-love.

How long have you been in the business? Did you desire to become a natural hair consultant? Why do you enjoy what you do?

I have been in business for five years and counting. At first, I did not desire to be a natural hair consultant.  Although I enjoyed doing hair for my family and friends the desire came as the need for my services grew. I am no longer offering hair services due to the desires to pursue other interest, as well as to focus on my product line, teach, and consult with other business to help them with diversifying their services to increase their revenue. 

I enjoy what I do because it affords me the opportunity to build relationships, empower, and teach women how to care for their natural hair.

- "Going with the flow leads you to your destiny"