The La Co'coa Institute

The La Co’coa Institute desires to build strong relationships with our peers in the community. We strive to break down barriers and build up leaders who will become future change agents within the community.  For this reason, we offer continuing education classes for Cosmetologists and licensed Natural Hair Care Specialists.  These classes are designed to provide hands-on fundamental training for those who desire to offer natural hair services.

We offer consultations for individuals desiring to launch a hair care business or diversify services. 

We offer mobile training sessions in a one-to-one or group setting.

Please contact Yazmeen at, for more information.

Twist with Added Hair 101

$150 per Student for a 2-hour intensive course (Intensive Course Equals 8 hour CE Credit)

Course Requirements:

Each Student must have the following items:

Kinky braiding hair
Textured hair mannequin and stand
Gel (Suggested brand: Eden Control Gel or MyGel)

Course Format:

One-to-one training session

The objective of this session is to give consultants in-depth training on "How to" install twist with added hair.

Customized courses offered email Yazmeen at for more information.