Naturally Curly Hair F.A.Q.’s

How often should I wash my hair?
This depends on the texture of your hair. Lola textures are oilier then blended beauty textures.  This texture should be shampooed once or twice a week. Blended textures are more prone to dryness so shampooing should occur at least once a week. It is also advised that you take precautions if your hair is color treated because color treated hair is prone to dryness. If you have colored your hair, use a color safe shampoo that contains protein and panthenol to strengthen it.

What are some suggestions for styling natural hair for  a special event?
Special occasions often call for special styling tips.  Your options include adorning your hair with accenting ornaments coordinated with your attire or an accented headband, perhaps one with jewels or colorful stones. There is always the option of pulling your hair back and adorning your natural mane with a jeweled headband. I suggest you select your attire then decide upon your hairstyle. A dress rehearsal eliminates surprises on the very special day.

What would you suggest to others who are considering going natural? 
 Do your research before going natural. Making a choice to go natural is truly a life change and you should position your mind to flow with that change. For most people, changing the way you look at your hair may be the hardest thing to do because you have relaxed your hair for so long. 

Can you provide me a list of ingredients that causes harm to natural hair? Why is conditioning so important?
When shopping for products for natural hair you should stay away from products that contain Ammonium lauryl sulfate, Ammonium laureth sulfate, Sodium lauryl sulfate, and Sodium laureth sulfate. Sufactants are very harsh on delicate dry hair. Conditioning hair is so important because natural hair lacks moisture. The role of the conditioner is to fill the gaps where structural damage has occurred to the surface and interior of the hair. It also brings moisture into the hair to increase moisture retention, it impacts suppleness and elasticity, and provides lubrication along the hair shaft.

Can Natural Hair grow to the lengths of chemically treated hair?
Yes hair grows regardless of whether you are natural or not. The speed of growth is determined by genetics, health, and how well you care for your hair. The most important thing to remember to achieve your desired lengths would be to be consistent with your routine, arm yourself with great products, be gentle with your hair, make sure that your products are PH balanced, and moisturize your hair daily.

Can split ends be repaired? How often should I trim my hair?
Hair that is split cannot fuse together again. Split ends must be cut off and hair should be trimmed quarterly.

What is "shrinkage"? How can I eliminate my shrinkage?
"SHRINKAGE," is found in very curly/coiled hair. The amount of shrinkage is determined by the hair type. Blended beauties tend to have more "shrinkage" then any other hair type. Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution for shrinkage when your hair is in its natural state, but there are ways to elongate the hair.