What qualifies you as a Life Coach?
Although many individuals can contest to having life experience as a qualifier for a life coach. I can contest to my professional and life experience. I am a Minister who has worked under different faith-based organizations for 11-years addressing the needs of individuals and couples. My educational background includes an HR certificate from a community college and working in various positions within the Human Resources field for over 8-years with individuals and organizations on recruiting. Currently, as a Counselor-in-training enrolled in an accredited Master's Degree program I am majoring in Mental Health and Vocational counseling. Although I am not licensed to officially practice as a Counselor under the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors (NCBLPC), I am educated in the fundamental knowledge of counseling.

Do you have references from satisfied clients who used your services?
Yes, I have references available upon request.

How would I know if your services would be beneficial to me?
As your future Life Coach, I cannot guarantee our partnership will be beneficial, but I will always do to the best of my ability what is ethical and beneficial to help clients to achieve their goals. It is my hope that all who chose me as their life coach will benefit from our partnership. If at any time, my services are no longer helpful we can discuss the completion of our contract and move forward.

What if my values differ from yours can you help me?
Yes, I have worked with individuals and couples whose personal values differ and individuals with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Creating an inclusive and welcoming business is a fundamental principle to La Co'coa and mutually beneficial to clients and myself. Working with a diverse population helps to increase my knowledge of different cultures, assist with the customization of service(s) to support the specific needs of clients, and most importantly, clients feel valued and respected.

Is Life Coaching for me?
Everyone has encountered someone who has served in the role of Life Coach officially and unofficially in his or her life. A Life Coach is great for persons, who are ready to make the following improvements within their life: create more balance, create plans and take action towards working on goals, build confidence, desire to live a more purposeful life, accountability partner, need support from someone who is nonjudgmental, or desiring help with finding a career that aligns more with one's passion.

Do you offer services over the phone, video chat, or face2face?
I offer services by phone, video chat, face2face, and inquiries by email only at info@lacocoazora.com. It is my goal to offer services that are tailored around my client’s schedule to create balance and a stress-free experience.

What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept PayPal, Cash, Visa, and MasterCard.