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Mi’rah Co™ Hair & Skin Oil

Are you at a crossroads with your hair? Are you searching for a solution that will assist you with growing your hair? Are your ends dry and brittle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we recommend that you try our Mi’rah Co Hair & Skin Oil. The benefits are endless! This rich oil is packed with antioxidants for your skin and fatty acids for your hair. Our oil is designed to enhance hair growth, restore moisture in your hair and skin, soften your hair and skin, and  alleviate cracked heels. The all natural ingredients in Mi’rah Co Hair & Skin Oil are as follows: organic olive oil, organic honey, black castor oil, and other essential oils.

You can purchase the oil at the price of $12.99 for the 4oz bottle and $21.99 for the 8oz bottle (plus tax, shipping and handling).  Purchases may be made by emailing us at

Customer Care
Please note, due to the nature of the product that we provide we do not accept returns or exchanges.

Please know that Mi’rah Co Hair & Skin Oil is the first of many products that are soon to be released.

Product Reviews

My daughter, who wears her hair relaxed, loves this oil. She says it's better than the version by Jane Carter Solutions because it doesn't run and the applicator lets you place the oil right where you want it to go on your scalp. I use it on my coils and twists, too. - S. Wilson

I have been going to La co'coa Salon since last April & I've been using the Mi'rah Co Hair Oil, which works WONDERS on my hair!! My hair has never been this healthy & shiny since I've started using Mi'rah Co Hair oil!!!!!! Yazmeen is truly the modern day Madame CJ Walker!! - Crystal